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Customised Team Building in Lesotho

For the past 4 years we have been organising sporting events, corporate events and tours in Lesotho. 

Through our activities at the Lesotho Sky Event, we have acquired a comprehensive knowledge
of Lesotho and its beautiful and unique destinations. We offer diverse activities, ranging from unforgettable scenic picnics, one-day and multi-day hikes or horse rides, company excursions combined with helicopter flights, 4×4 driving, quad bike riding and cultural activities all the way to multi-day hiking adventures including mountaineering, mountain biking, high altitude training camps, abseiling, trail running and extreme adventure racing. Sky Adventures offers corporate team building packages that combine outdoor adventure, mental exercising and training and most importantly relaxing and regeneration, custom-tailored to the request of your team. 


We work together with motivational speakers and if your business has a particular problem or issue that you would like to address and try to solve through our activities, we will gladly present to you our ideas. Whether you are an international corporation or local company we guarantee to present to you Lesotho from an unknown angle. Our motto is safety first and we can assure you that we only work with the best service providers in the country. Whether its in the air, on a motorbike, in a vehicle, on foot, or on a mountain bike, your safety and comfort is our highest priority. Contact for more information.

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